Share Your Story - Guidelines and Consent
Thank you for considering sharing your/ your relative’s story with other patients and caregivers. Sorento Healthcare Communications Pvt. Ltd. is developing an online resource portal IAMHER2 for creating awareness on testing and treatment for breast cancer patients who are or likely to test positive for HER2 neu gene amplification. The website will include a place for such patients and caregivers to connect with a network of peers and learn from shared experiences using stories, blog posts, forum discussions and social media platforms. We would like all HER2 positive breast cancer survivors to have the opportunity to share their story, and to inspire other similar profile patients who have not taken the right test or treatment to make an informed choice.

IAMHER2 will not allow the information to be used for advertising or packaging or to be used out of context.

Story/ Image Use for the IAMHER2 portal
  • Before you agree to share your story with IAMHER2, you need to provide a signed consent form.
  • Without the signed consent form, IAMHER2 will not publish your story.
  • In case of a minor, the parent’s consent shall be required.
Please Note: We do not want you to name any doctor or hospital or brand or company name or any individual specifically, which will be seen as promoting them, in any way. Also, we just need details which you can share without invading on your privacy.
By submitting your story you agree to the following:
1. Exposure in the Public Domain:
  • Your story may be featured on the homepage and may be linked to our Facebook and Twitter pages.
  • Your story may feature in our newsletter.
  • If submitted in video form, you and your story could be hosted on Sorento’s You Tube Channel.
2. Content:
  • Your story may be edited for style, grammar, consistency and length for the purpose of website readability.
  • Parts of your story may be altered or deleted, for example, any details that would identify another person or inappropriate language will be edited.
3. Images/ Video:
  • If you do not wish to attach a photo of yourself, you may send us a photo of something that represents you, like a nature detail or object. However, the furnished picture should not infringe on any third party copyrights.
  • If you wish to post a photo or video of yourself with someone else, then you will need to have that other person’s prior consent before we can use it.
  • When giving your permission, you should be aware that any information published on the internet is accessible to millions of users and will be indexed by search engines and that it may be copied and used by any web user.